A know-hown

Les Gavroches artisanal Biscuiterie is the result of a passion, pastry making, and a love, that of the city of Paris. 

Pastry chefs since 1990, we wanted, with Biscuiterie les Gavroches, to return to tradition and authentic taste.

Located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris and in Vincennes, we currently produce more than a dozen different biscuits, a sweet range and an aperitif range.

Our products

Flour, eggs, butter, just the right amount of sugar, a little salt, natural flavours and lots of know-how are the secrets of our recipes. 

We are very careful in the selection of ingredients, we do not add any colouring or preservatives or artificial flavour enhancers.

As far as possible, we only use raw materials and packaging of French origin in order to limit the carbon impact and revitalize the local economy. 

Our flour comes from the mills of Versailles, our butter is made in Normandy, all the cheeses we use are PDO, our bags are made in Auvergne...

And since our biscuits have nothing to hide, our packaging is at the very least to ensure the proper preservation of the biscuits while significantly reducing waste and thus our impact on the environment.

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